Friday, December 21, 2018

Tarot Blog Hop - Yule 2018: Find Your Cozy

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Hello Lovely Ones, 

for newcomers, I would like to briefly introduce our Blog Hop Group: a group of enthusiastic Tarot Lovers publish their posts on a given topic at every major holiday of the Wheel of the Year. You can hop from blog to blog, exploring the great writings of great people from all over the World. Each time, there is a Wrangler who co-ordinates that everything goes fine and smooth. :)

For this occasion, Yule 2018, the themes were offered by our lovely Wrangler Joanne Sprott, as you can see it in the Blog Title, that is it: Find Your Cozy, 'think about how you keep out the cold and keep in the warmth at this time of the year and how it relates to Tarot for you.'

As I am getting older, I am finding my way back to loving winter more and more - there were times when I hated the dark and the cold and I fell in depression that was often followed by long weeks of being sick physically, too. 

However, Yule has always been special to me - even in the darkness and cold these winter months bring us in Central Europe. The symbolic Birth of Light has always been tangible for me around Christmas - and I feel blessed and lucky that I celebrate my birthday at this time of the year, as well.

When I read the prompts Joanne suggested, reading the first one, a card came in my mind immediately - it was about which card in the deck suggests warmth for us.

The Hermit from Ann Moura and Kiri Leonard's Green Witch Tarot
It is not just this single card from this deck, though, but the whole deck is full of lovely pictures that reveal warmth, intimacy and a cozy feeling for me, but the Hermit stands out of the whole deck in this regard, here called 9. The Holly King. The deck itself is the Green Witch Tarot by Ann Moura and Kiri Leonard.

In folklore and mythology, the Holly King represents the second half of the year: after the 'reign' of the Oak King, the Holly King starts to regain his power at the Autumn Equinox and his strength is at its peak right at Yule. 

Why this card means warmth for me: just look at it. If the Holly King has just left that cozy little house or he is going there for a nice hot spicy cup of tea - we can decide. Maybe he has just left, maybe he is just looking back at us and he will go in, it is all the same. His face is so kind and jovial, very calm and wise - he is tuned with Nature and with Higher Realms, should it be cold winter or warm summer.

He is in symbiosis with the dear, with the Holly Tree, with Creation itself and his little lamp represents our Inner Light - for me, this period of the year with the wonderful Christmas Lights represents growing Inner Light, Faith and Trust, and that it is cold outside but warm inside also hints at the importance of turning inwards and increase, strengthen and spread out our Inner Light - and a warm and cozy feeling will follow, should we live in big cities or little forest huts. 

I wish All of You a Blessed and Happy Yule and Good Health, Abundance and a cozy place in the World for 2019! :) Thank you for reading my post, feel free to leave a comment below!

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