Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Samhain 2018 - Walking into Life with the Dead

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Hello Lovely Ones,

this is a pleasure to be here again with you! I think Halloween is one of the favorite part of the year for many of us - I am always so happy when the pumpkins arrive! When I am finished with this blog post, I am going to cook a pumpkin-chicken ragout soup - I hope you will also have something delicious on your table! :)

I was also happy to see the topic of this Samhain in 2018, our Wrangler is the wonderful Aisling the Bard - for the newcomers, this Tarot Blog Hop Group is a group of Tarot addicts like me, and at every major feast on the Wheel of the Year, someone takes the role of the Wrangler and offers great topics for the Tarot Blog Hoppers, and if you just hop from blog to blog, you can find brilliant articles and thoughts delivered by Tarot Lovers and Readers from all over the World.

As you can see it from the title, the topic for this Blog Hop is about messages from the deceased ones. Aisling offered several options for us, out of which I have chosen this one: 'What is the most important thing the spirits of your beloved dead have been attempting to show or teach you this year?'

Well, I have some ancestors that passed away long ago and I have never tried to contact them - and it seemed like a challenge this time but I do not think I am ready for that. But there is someone I felt so connected to, not a relative but a teacher of mine and her story keeps on coming back to my mind again and again. A couple of weeks ago I walked out in the cemetery to spend a few minutes by her grave - I just wanted to find an answer why it happened like this. 

She died not so long ago in a car accident - with her husband. They are buried in the same grave, majestic, yet a very sad thing to see their names on their tomb. She was really always smiling or laughing, a truly positive thinker. Married at a relatively 'late' age, being able to give birth to a beautiful little girl at the age of 40 almost, she was just happy, I can still recall her walking with her baby, pushing that white old-fashioned pram, it so much fit her.

So as she has been coming in my mind daily for a while, I just wanted to find an answer. Their daughter was also travelling with them in the car - she survived but her parents lost their lives at the scene of the accident. She is like a mini copy of her mother - in good hands at her relatives, yet she will miss her parents for good and for some reasons, I still cannot digest it. 

As I was standing by their grave, I knew even such things happen according to a Higher Plan, but then I just wanted to ask her through my Tarot cards about what Spirit wanted to show and teach me this year as a most important lesson. 

Parallel to this, a beautiful deck arrived at me - Kati arranged for this as a gift and I was so happy when it arrived  a couple of days ago. I wanted to wait with pulling a card from Tarot till this deck arrived so that I can show it to you, too. If you are interested, the deck is called the Darkwater Tarot by James Douglas - very clear, very straightforward and a very unique, attractive black and white deck.

But back to my story, I asked this lovely lady, my teacher in the past to show me by a Tarot card what my most important task to learn this year has been - needless to say, I was blown away by the answer, though I should have known it because this is why I so much love Tarot... For its clarity and unerring guidance.

And indeed, because this year has so much been about my child - helping and guiding him, standing by him in a difficult phase of his life, getting to know him even better and just feeling it in all my cells that this child will always be part of me and I can never ever let anyone abuse him - as much as it belongs to my territory -, but that this is my very task to help him get stronger to be able to set up healthy boundaries and never sacrifice himself for the sake of others. 

I have always been a tigress-type of a mother, but this year has just made me stronger in it - just through a new filter. Now about helping him to explore the tiger in himself - I think I am managing quite well. :) 

And guess which card I got with the help of my old teacher who sadly lost her life in such a tragic way, leaving a little girl behind... I got the Empress - what else? And just take a look at this brilliant depiction of the Empress - both its straight and reversed illustration, it is just wonderful and now I will let you meditate on it - especially on why the Empress reversed is called the Queen of Life here, it literally gave me goosebumps... I wish all of you a Blessed Samhain and all the best! 

The Empress from James Douglas' Darkwater Tarot

Thank you for reading my post and feel free to leave a comment!


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