Thursday, June 21, 2018

Don't Fence Me In! - TAROT Blog Hop, Summer Solstice 2018

Hello Lovely Ones,

I am happy to be here again! Any time I am able to join a Blog Hop occasion, I feel such warmth in my chest - it is good to belong to you, thank you! 

I was very pleased when I saw the topic of the Summer Solstice 2018 Blog Hop, a musical blog and connecting it somehow to Tarot - thank you so much for this, Joy (our Joyous Wrangler if you are new to this Tarot Blog Hop Wonderland, so we have a Wrangler for every occasion :).

There is actually a song I have been addicted to for a long time by now and I must say first I found it a bit absurd to connect it to Tarot, then it just came as it did and I love the outcome - and I felt totally unfenced while preparing this little video. :)

Even more than that, I have just attended a Summer Solstice fire-walk ceremony here in Hungary, and as I was going there, Spirit was talking in my head about the everlasting Power of Love - maybe this is why I find this song happy, despite the not too happy story. I hope you will like it, too. 

Blessed Be, all of us, and I wish all of us a very happy, healthy and joyous summer for 2018!

And here is my unfenced song to you: 

When you are done with that, I must confess that I am addicted to everything 'Russian'. It probably comes from a previous life but when I hear the Russian National Anthem, for me it feels like arriving home. In the Beltane Blog, I have shown you the cards I painted for the Russian Tarot 1917 international co-operation. Now I would like to show you all the cards of this wonderful - though sad but very intense - deck if you are interested, with me singing the National Anthem of Russia - the idea came with the musical blog. :)

Thank you so-so much for watching and thank you also if you leave a comment for me! :)

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