Tuesday, October 31, 2017

TAROT Blog Hop - Samhain/MidFall 2017, Le Roi est Mort, Vive le Roi!

Hello Everyone, 

I am happy we have Blog Hoppers' Time again! I am a bit tired, probably like many of you, and indeed, this year has been very intense so far - and it is not over yet. Last year, the Halloween Blog Hop was about Messages from our Ancestors, this year, as a continuation of that occasion, we were offered a topic by our gorgeous Wrangler and Cat Herder Extraordinaire, Jay Cassels about where we have arrived since last year - our own personal progress, development and understanding, by a single or a three-card spread. 

The topic is Le Roi Est Mort, Vive le Roi! (The King Is Dead, Long Live the  King!), Death, Birth & Rebirth, the cycles of life. I am going to use my tiny bit scary, but wonderful Ludy Lescot Tarot

But before I start, I would like to share with you something that has come in my mind when I was wondering about the topic of this Blog Hop. Long ago, when I was a university student, we had American literature seminars for quite long, and once we were supposed to read a short story by Joyce Carol Oates - I am not sure if it was optional or I was lazy to read it, I cannot recall having read it, but I can very clearly recall its title on the Reading List: Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? 

Probably this will be the most perfect thing to read at this Samhain - in the company of my pumpkin lantern, and something in me tells me this story will give me answers to some of my questions I have been dealing with for long, and all in all, what I personally feel about this Samhain is that for me, it is not just this year that has been so much of great importance, not just what has been transforming in and around me since last Samhain, but probably for the last two decades even. We will see. But now let us see what the Ludy Lescot Tarot tells me.

For the Present, in the middle, I have got the Seven of Wands - self-defense when actually there is no danger, yet we feel it is better to pull back a bit and protect our own self, our own energy-field, mind and soul, and yes, this is how I actually feel. I have pulled my energies back to myself even from friends for a while, from Facebook, from all sorts of social activities - except for the Tarot People and those who are very close to me. Magic is happening in the meanwhile, I can very clearly sense that, though sometimes I get a bit scared of what if I am going insane. I know I am okay, just yes, indeed, the Veil is so-so thin, and I have problems with grounding myself. I am better at handling my social ties - even if it means pulling back. But it is a must when we split apart if we cannot protect our energy-field. 

The previous card, on the left, from where I started and what has led here, it is the Queen of Cups - also true. For me, this card means healing (ourselves, first of all, but it is also true that we heal by healing others). In the Waite Tarot, the Queen of Cups has crystals at her feet, too - often, I was working with crystals during the past year, still do. What has changed in me regarding the Queen of Cups - I think I am finally really more mature as compared to how I was. I have had so many motherly roles, too, and I feel more mature as a mom, as well. I know the Queen of Cups is just part of our whole feminine self, and I am not sure if I could make a list of importance of more or less important aspects or roles - it must be balanced. I think we constantly have to work on all of those aspects, but yes, for this year, the Queen of Cups-aspect was the most important and influential one. 

And where I am going, on the right - this is the Six of Swords, which in the Ludy Lescot Tarot differs a lot from the Waite-depiction. I prefer this one, to be honest. I am ready to face new difficulties, and I do not want to push my head under the sand when problems arise - we must solve them and life without problems would definitely be boring. Maybe. :) What catches my eyes in this card is the rope-lemniscate at the feet of the guy in the card: infinity, endlessness, and for me, it is a very positive thing, even if it also refers to the endless up and down cycles, as well. But we are endlessly guided, supported and protected from High Above, too. If this guy is waiting for the ship to float in, or he is waving goodbye, or he is asking them to come and pick him up - I cannot decide and do not want to. Ships are coming and going, and we can be passengers or captains. It does not always depend on us, I know, but in an optimal case, we are the captains of our own life-ships. This is what I believe in. What Ludy herself writes about this card in the LWB is this: 'The voyage begins in the mind and ends in the body. The first step already takes you far.' I truly believe in it. 

Okay, I am off to carve my pumpkin. Thank you so much for reading me, see you next time!

Friday, September 22, 2017

TAROT Blog Hop: Mabon 2017 - Sacred Cooking & Mabon Beauty Products

:) Hello Lovely Everyone!

I am so happy to be among you - Tarot Nerds like me, something that always makes me feel good in this upside down world. Also when I can love - best things ever - when we can love, and when we are surrounded by wonderful Tarot cards and we can learn so much from them! 

Mabon, I think, is my favorite time of the year, though I also adore spring and summer, too. Winter - not that much. For me, Midsummer and Mabon always channel special vibes - so I was very happy to be the Wrangler of this Tarot Blog Hop. And I would like to thank Jay Cassels for helping me when I was stuck! :)

The topic I chose was Sacred Cooking and Tarot, or Mabon Beauty Products and Tarot: simply because day by day, I explore the importance of tastes, colors, numbers of things we eat, the importance of spices - as well as the color of spices -, and just something personal, I have a severe autoimmune disease with some of my closest family members, and we can barely eat anything 'ready'-made.

So for me, cooking is a central daily issue - and it is not always easy to find out what to prepare, but whatever I create, I always-always pay attention on preparing dishes in a calm mood, on consecrating and cleaning the ingredients before putting them on the stove, especially when I prepare something that contains meat. 

This is not my task to blame food and beauty industry, but we are kind of 'poisoned' with all the chemicals, preservatives and artificial stuff that are added to foods and beauty products, as well - as for beauty products, I am not that thorough when choosing them, to be honest. Maybe one day...  

So why Mabon for this topic - because we celebrate harvest time and it is connected to feasts and to lovely meals, of course. And because it is great to share recipes - and I wonder what Tarot figures would cook at your place. :) And why would they prepare such dishes. So I hope you love the topic - and I am curiously waiting for your lovely articles! Thank you for joining me, as well! 

Well, I myself like cooking a lot - and one day I would like to have a modern rustic kitchen in a timber house. I would be so happy if I could make it real in this life of mine. Till then, I am cooking on the fourth floor under the roof, which I also like. 

When I was thinking about what to write in this Blog Hop-post, the Lovers turned up in my mind from my James Bond 007 deck (Tarot of the Witches). I was wondering why and what the heck they could cook, then I thought okay, maybe not at this moment, but they would surely enjoy something yummy together. Then I thought of something that raises lust - and then I thought okay, maybe they want a baby so they should cook something that helps fertility. It was just later on that I started to think about the flower - because of another flower.

My first idea was that they should prepare a dessert - then indeed, I prepared it, but in my case, that dessert was something I prepared to my son and myself, for Mabon, and first I will share this recipe with you, then I will tell you something else, as well. 

This recipe is perfect for a light supper, healthy and easy for the stomach - and while preparing, you can just take your time to tune on what Angels have to tell you - at least I like to listen to them while working in the kitchen. 

This is my own recipe - and when cooking something for my son, I consider myself to be a caring Empress. And this is the beautiful Empress-depiction of the Anna K Tarot. Numbers in this recipe are meaningful. Apples are sacred as we know - and not just healthy, but they really support productivity; grapes carry and strengthen the vibes of abundance; cinnamon helps the detoxification of the body; milk is the symbol - and energy - of flowing, endless, nurturing love; cane sweetens it - and life must also be sweetened. 

What you need for this recipe is:
- 3 healthy and juicy apples (three because it is the sacred number of Creation)
- 3 dl - a bigger mug - of flour (I use rice and corn flour combined 50-50%)
- vanilla custard - you can find homemade recipes on the Internet, as for me, I prefer vanilla custard powder free of any artificial stuff and I just follow the instructions given on the sack
- grapes for decoration and also to serve the cake with grapes when ready (it is even yummier with grapes)
- cooking oil 

For the pastry:
- 3 eggs
- 3 dl milk
- 3 tablespoons of cane 
- a pinch of salt for better grounding
- cinnamon

And here you can find the way to prepare it:

Now back to our Lovers-couple in the James Bond 007 deck, it happened that I participated in a Tarot-painting challenge - the Russian Tarot 1917, which is about to be published and will be available from November 2017 on - limited edition, so order your copy soon! :) Kati or me can give you the link - we both participated in this project. 

I am a total - but enthusiastic - amateur, and delving in Tarot-painting was like a short Inner Camino for me. The last card I chose, designed and painted with was the 10 of Coins - in this deck will be called 10 of Stars. My subconscious was working... All I knew was that I wanted to depict something sweet and wealthy - so this is how I choose putting a father and a daughter in this card, going on a harvest feast, taking some pears and a pumpkin there. Again, the three little ducklings represent the Holy Number of Creation, the cat symbolizes rest but alertness, birches are so much Russian that they had to be there, and for some reasons, I painted chrysanthemums in the picture, as well - okay, not that visible that they are chrysanthemums, but they are. 

Then not much later did I find an article on the Internet about chrysanthemums - did you know that in Ancient China, they already prepared and drank chrysanthemum wine? According to the legend, in Ancient China, girls and boys started off to find a legendary flower that would make them immortal. Instead or maybe it was what they were looking for, they found chrysanthemum. Since then, people make wine of chrysanthemum in China - also tea of the flower-petals. They drink it to gain health, protection and rejuvenation. They say chrysanthemums have cleansing and healing effects. So then I knew I would ask the Lovers-couple to prepare homemade chrysanthemum wine - because it will keep them young and healthy. In Japan, they say chrysanthemum keeps the Devil away, and the Japanese put chrysanthemum-petals in salads. I myself vote for the wine and the tea. Maybe this could also be a great beauty product, chrysanthemum wine, all in all. :) 

Thank you for taking your time to read me, and I wish all of you a wonderful and magical Mabon Time!

MASTER LIST - Tarot Blog Hop: Mabon 2017, 22 September

Welcome and have a Happy and Magican Mabon!

Meet the participants of this lovely occasion, the MABON Tarot Blog Hop on 22 September, 2017. I am Boglarka Kiss, the happy Wrangler of this Blog Hop, co-operating with all these wonderful people: 

1. Jay Cassels at http://metaphysicalangels.co.uk/tbh12 - thank you so much, Jay, for helping me with Co-Wrangling! :)
5. Meniscus Tarot (Ania M) at http://meniscustarot.co.uk/balance

Monday, May 1, 2017

TAROT Blog Hop - Beltane 2017

Beltane is here! :) I think by now, everyone has experienced the hectic nature of 2017, the Year of the Wheel with Number 10 in the Major Arcana – up and down for most people, yes. Probably for everyone. But I truly feel Miracles in the air – or it is better to say this way, they are always there, and it depends on us how much we notice of them. For me, the message of Beltane is to truly and innocently believe in Miracles.

For this Beltane TAROT Blog Hop occasion, our Wrangler, Arwen has chosen this topic: 'Do you combine Tarot with any other divination system? Why or why not?'

Simple but great question, and I am sure we will get very colorful answers. As for me, I use Tarot cards the most frequently. As I am also a collector, I use several decks – I do not use all the decks of my collection, but I learn from all of them. Any time I get a new deck, I explore its personal style, depth and vibes, but from time to time, I go back to my favorite ones.

I have a couple of favorite ones – just to mention a few, now the good old Rider-Waite deck, the Mystical Cats Tarot, the Halloween Tarot, the Rabbit Tarot, the Herbal Tarot and now the Green Witch Tarot, but my collection consists of around 100 decks right now.

But let me show you my other beloved companion – my pendulum. This is my very first pendulum – I found it in an Angelic way. It usually happens that crystals call out for me – showing themselves to me, telling me where to find them, and then I just go at the 'given' place, and they are there. This agate pendulum sent me such a message years back, as well. And indeed, it was there in the crystal store – the only one they had there those times.

I often use my pendulum on its own and combined with Tarot readings to reassure what I get from readings – and it has never deceived me, but I know we must be careful when using it. Also because we can manipulate it, also because we must not invade in the private sphere of others with our questions. And my latest experience is a bit scary even! There is really no time.

Years ago, a friend of mine asked something from my pendulum – about another friend. He felt deceived by this other friend, and we asked the pendulum if the seemingly translucent lie was really a lie or it was the truth. The pendulum said that person was lying – but some weeks later, the pendulum turned out to have been mistaken… I did not understand why.

Then years later, the very same question turned up about the same person – this time, this person was asked to submit a lie detector test, because of lies and lies. Again a similar story – probably with 'true' lies this time. I never got to know the ultimate truth, but on the one hand, I know we get to know everything we are allowed to know – but not when we want to get to know something, but when it is the right time to get to know the truth. And the psychology of getting over a 'deception' or a supposed deception is like this: for a healthy mind and soul, by the time something turns out, it is usually all the same. Even lies do not count. Interesting experience. But all in all, my pendulum reassures me in 95 cases out of 100. Thank you for reading! :)

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Érmék 2 - Vinni a Sorsunkat...

Kedves ismerősömmel, Évával beszélgettem a minap röviden. Mindig elfoglalt ő is, és én is a magam szétszórt módján viszem a mindennapjaimat - tényleg, el ne felejtsem, hogy holnap az Államkincstárba kell mennem -, és abban a pár mondatban, amit beszélgettünk, azt mondta Éva, nincs jól, de viszi a Sorsát, és aki egy kicsit is normális, az ezekben az időkben nincs jól. Hálás voltam Évának ezekért a szavakért - nem ez volt az első alkalom, hogy két mondatával olyan sokat adott nekem. Hogy én hogy vagyok - nem tudom. Fent és lent. És ha szétnézek, a normális emberek tényleg fent és lent vannak, nagyjából azonos időmennyiségben fent és lent, csak a 8-asnak a középponttól egyre távolabb eső részein - nagyobbak a kilengések. Közben a legtöbb ember arra vágyik, hogy a 8-asnak a közepén legyen, kilengések nélkül - merthát, kinek jó a hepehupa és a fájdalom? És ki akar önszántából fájdalmat? Mégis ott van.

Jó volna, ha lenne egy olyan szivacs, mint amivel az iskolában a táblát töröltük: csak simán letörölnénk vele a fájdalmat és a nehézségeket, és eltűnnének egy mozdulattal. Aztán ha újra összekoszolódott a tábla, letöröljük megint. A lélekből azért nem olyan könnyű kitörölni a fájdalmat, mert annak van mélysége és magassága is, nemcsak egy sík felület, mint a tábla (itt most jöhetne az a rész, hogy Hit kérdése minden, és adjuk Isten kezébe a gondjainkat, amit amúgy így is gondolok, és magam is mindig Máriapócson kötök ki, ha már nagyon bedarált az élet, és olyankor úgy érzem, már tényleg csak az segít, ha Isten kezébe egyszerűen átadok mindent). Mégis, még ha tudjuk is, hogy ezt naponta többször megtehetnénk, nem tesszük... Még ezt is elfelejtjük, és nincs bennünk rutinként az, hogy nahát, van egy Mindenható, akinek minden nap a kezébe tehetnénk a gondjainkat - persze közben fontos, hogy mi se tétlenkedjünk a földi síkunkon, és ami rajtunk múlik, azt tegyük meg. Sokszor meg éppen túl sok mindent akarunk mi megoldani, makacs módon. 

Évának igaza van, a Sorsát mindenkinek vinnie kell - akár Isten kezébe teszi, akár nem. Egy ideje már olyan nehéz Sorsok vannak világszerte. Mindenkinek a maga keresztje a legnehezebb, ez is olyan igaz. És mindenki annyi erőt kap, amennyi a Sorsának az elviseléséhez szükséges. Néha elképedünk, milyen nehézségekből jönnek ki emberek, és ami az egyiknek meg sem kottyan, attól a másik összeomlik - nincs közös recept, viszont a saját gondját tényleg mindenki beleteheti ugyanannak a Mindenhatónak a kezébe.

Mindig mindenki csak boldog akar lenni - pedig olyan nincsen, hogy mindig boldogok legyünk. Az az Élet természetével ellentétes. Ebben a világban meg különösen lehetetlennek tűnik, hogy valaki mindig csak boldog legyen, mindent vidáman, mosolyogva csináljon - bár láttam már ilyet is. Lehet, hogy belül ők is sírnak, nem tudom. Még a Szentek is nagyon sokat szenvedtek, borzasztóan sokat. Mindig volt valami kemény áldozat vagy lemondás, amit hoztak. Olyan nincs, hogy az Élet csak jó... El lehet menekülni ideig-óráig sok nehézség elől, de attól az még nem lesz megoldva. Cipelni is lehet őket sokáig, de akkor csak összeroskadunk alatta a végére. Megoldani és elengedni kellene - és még ha nem is így neveltek minket - sajnos -, az univerzális recept, az egyetlen, amit hétmilliárd ember megtehet, kivétel nélkül mindenki megteheti, az az, hogy Isten kezébe adjuk, és ha kell, akkor addig imádkozunk, amíg tényleg érezni kezdjük, hogy működik. Hogy egy mélységes ima után tényleg könnyebb a lélek - kár, hogy a darálóban elfelejtjük ezt egyszerűen napi rutinként alkalmazni - én is elfelejtem... Pedig a könnyek könnyítenek, ima közben meg főleg.    

Az Érmék Kettes figurája egyensúlyozgat és lavírozgat - próbál a középpontban maradni, de a háttérben mégis morajlik és hullámzik a tenger, és bucskázik a kis hajó. A fektetett nyolcason nem látszanak annyira a kilengések, mint az álló nyolcason - de szerintem egyik ember ilyen, a másik olyan. Az egyik szeszélyes és szenvedélyes, nagy magasságokkal és nagy mélységekkel az álló nyolcason, a másiknak kisebb kilengései vannak a fektetett nyolcason - nem tudom, van-e olyan, hogy valaki átmegy álló nyolcasból fekvőbe, vagy fordítva. Szerintem nincs - ezt jelentheti a vérmérséklet, a temperamentum, a spiritusz. Az egyik ember bevállalós és bolondabb, a másik passzívabb és higgadtabb - a második csoportba tartozók tapasztalnak kevesebbet, de nyugalmasabb az életük, az álló nyolcasban hintázók pedig azok, akik inkább égnek-kiégnek, ők viszont többet tapasztalnak az Életből, éppen a magasságaik és mélységeik miatt. Szerintem egyik sem jobb vagy rosszabb a másiknál, inkább mindkettő csak egy-egy Sorsnak az egyik összetevője. Legyen szó álló vagy fekvő nyolcasról, azért a víz az úr: a mély és félelmetes tenger mindig morajlik a háttérben. Nem lehet neki azt mondani, hogy hagyja abba a morajlást - mint ahogyan a folyónak sem lehet azt mondani, hogy ne folyjon. Árral szemben úszni és hullámok között vergődni persze nagyon kimerítő - mégis milyen sokszor ezt tesszük... Aztán végül mindig arra jutok, hogy az a legjobb, ha lerázzuk a vizet a szárnyainkról, és inkább repülünk, amerre a légáram visz, és leszállunk megpihenni és töltődni mindig, amikor elfáradtunk.   

Monday, March 20, 2017

TAROT Blog Hop: Spring Equinox 2017 - The Magic of Images

Another spring has just arrived. :) I myself have had a tiresome period in my work-life especially, and it has really been such a crazy long winter... So I feel a lot better now that daily sunshine is back! 

When I first saw the topic of this TAROT Blog Hop occasion, I was not sure I would be able to find what fits me the most. 'The Magic of Images' - a wonderful topic, though, offered to us by Joy Vernon, our Wrangler for this time, just it looked too deep and difficult at first glance - at least for me, it did. But I am happy for such a topic, after all, and I chose the easier way to carry it out - because I did not want to miss this occasion. I am happy to have the chance to co-operate with all of you in such a creative group. 

As ever, I have been guided and shown signs. After having decided what I will write about, but before starting it, I got a book from my friend. The book was on herbs, aroma oils, liqueurs and other natural things - with such a pretty old lady in the photos, wearing crystals and witch-like clothes, preparing lotions, teas and essences, having long gray hair and glasses with a black frame: I could literally picture myself in my old ages. Who knows how long we live, but if I am meant to live a long life, this is how I would like to live. 

Then this morning, Angels told me something about harming - about what harming is. They said everything was just a question of intentions. Possession, selfishness, 'wanting' something or someone to be ours, this is all something that comes out of the fear of losing the very same thing. This is when my tale I wrote yesterday really got its sense in my mind. 

For this TAROT Blog Hop occasion, I chose the topic of 'The Magic of Images' through stream of consciousness writing - thank you for this great topic, Joy! :)

I was wondering how to carry it out, then it was just evident - next time, it will be men's turn, I promise. I just randomly chose these wonderful pictures from the Green Witch Tarot, and the story came with them as I was sinking in the symbols, colors and vibes of each picture - the music came with it in my mind, too... - I think they fit each other:

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

TAROT Blog Hop - Imbolc 2017

How Can I Best Foster the Energies of the Aces in My Life?

I am just happy again, not because time flies that fast, but because again, the Wheel of the Year has arrived at an important day in 2017 - so time flies really fast, yes. We are halfway between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox, and any time such an important turning point makes its energies feel more tangible, I feel more excited because inside, I always feel something great is happening in the Universe, and many of us experience great things and changes in our lives, as well. 

Spring is coming after such an extremely cold winter here at my place - and I must tell you it makes me happy that we have had a real winter after the extremely warm winters of the last few years. Now we really cannot complain! And now it is really time to celebrate the upcoming arrival of spring - I know we still have time, but I can already feel it.

The topic our Wrangler, Arwen has chosen for this Tarot Blog Hop occasion is close to my heart - because inside, I indeed feel the energies of the  Aces arise with the arrival of spring. I am longing for noticing the first snowdrops in the woods, and let us see what the bear says when it comes out of its cave - here the tradition is that if on Candlemas Day, 2 February the bear comes out of its cave, and he sees its own shadow - that means the Sun is shining -, our old bear will go back in the cave for another long sleep. If the weather is foggy and rainy on that day, the bear will wipe its eyes with its paws and geez, sleep is gone, let us go and grab some food!

Hm, and if candles burn smoothly on Candlemas Day, we will have lots of honey that year. If candles burn out, no honey. If the Suns comes out from behind the clouds and shines its rays on the vicar's face when serving a mess at the altar, even if for a moment it happens, then even the wolves will hurl because of the upcoming cold days. And if skylarks sing before that day, they will be silent for a long time afterwards. Tradition says if February is cold, we will have a very abundant harvest in summer. So let us see what happens, I am curiously waiting to see it! :)

But let us go back to the topic of the Aces and what they have to do with this Magic - it is Magic, indeed. Everything is Magic. I started to think about the Aces, and in myself, I have set up an order. Wands - Fire, I feel enough Fire in my life right now, enthusiasm and affection, sometimes I think I am even too much for myself; Coins - Earth, I am - still - quite grounded, thanks God, and I really feel blessed about my progress on the physical layer of life, and I feel healthy, too. Cups - Water, and I feel loved. I know everything is cyclical, but right now, these three Aces, Wands, Coins and Cups are quite okay in my life.

What is not that much okay, this is Air-element, so I decided to take a look at the Ace of Swords from my wonderful Herbal Tarot deck, because 'Aces are the beginning of the suits as seeds are the beginning of the plant' as Arwen said. And I should really do something to best foster the energy of the Ace of Swords in my life - what I am expecting from it, this is being less sleepy, more organized and more thoughtful, less restless and less reckless, even more careful. And it is always good to spread out our spiritual awareness and consciousness even more.

Herbal Tarot is special - and beautiful. To each card, a plant is matched. To the Ace of Swords, this wonderful healing plant, chamomile is attached. Even this card is so beautiful, not to mention how much I love the Swords-series in general! For me, it is always the Swords that give the biggest challenge!

Ace of Swords symbolizes the expansion of thoughts and enlightenment. It means there is a need to have clarity of mind and to affirm inner truths.

How I feel about it, I can relate it to myself and my current life-tasks, as well. Chamomile also has a soothing  effect, and sometimes I do feel that my mind is tired after long working hours a day, which I like, but it always demands mental and spiritual freshness.

Among the spiritual properties of chamomile, the most important ones are that chamomile bestows greater inner peace and finer clarity about one's inner spiritual purposes. Chamomile has the ability to enhance visions and to bring them into form on the Earth - I am already experiencing it, simply by focusing on the energy of the Ace of Swords and chamomile these days.

I do not really like its taste, but its aroma always makes me relaxed and feel love and inner peace. So possibly, for me, aromatherapy works better with chamomile than making a beverage of it. What is on my mind now is to prepare a lotion of shea butter and chamomile extract, and use it for face massage, but inhaling with chamomile is always good for me, as well. Any time I do so, I feel reborn mentally, also in my lungs. Or I will just find a place where they use chamomile in a steam cabine - that would be even better to feel and circulate the energies of chamomile in my mind, body and soul. Especially on these cold winter days. Lavender and spearmint are said to be the herbal allies of chamomile - if I think of their combination, it can be even better than chamomile alone. I will definitely try it this weekend!

Thank you for taking your time to read it, and I wish a Happy Imbolc to all of you! :)