Tuesday, May 1, 2018

What Can I Give the World? - TAROT Blog Hop, Beltane 2018

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I loved the topic of this Blog Hop occasion given to us by our Wrangler for this magical Beltane Tarot blog hopping, Morgan Drake Eckstein. I must tell you this is what I have also been thinking about  for the last couple of months - what could I do to be more efficient on my Path, what can I give the World (people) so that I really feel like fulfilling my mission?

I am dedicated to Tarot and helping people, this is not a new thing to me, and from time to time, I am starving to find a new deck I fall in love with, and when it happens, I am so happy that again, I can sink in something new, exploring more and more new aspects certain cards can give, and the feeling that it is expanding my Tarot-knowledge makes me feel worthier and even more professional.

I have some decks on my wish-list right now, as well, among others the Prisma Visions Tarot, the Before Tarot that will come out in fall 2018, the Numinous Tarot, the Riderless Tarot - they are all wonderful ones and I hope to be able to get them in time. Tarot and the World has given me so much, still does (continuously), and I truly hope that I will be able to do my best for the people and the World for a long time.

I have been thinking about pulling cards for this question our Beltane Blog Hop is about right now - then I thought of something else.

Not so long ago I also contributed to Tarot-painting in a mind-blowing project, the TAROT 1917 international co-operation by Natalia Plakhina and Vladimir Sitnikov. It was meant to pay respect to the 1917 Russian Revolution and its hundredth anniversary in October 1917.

All it took long months and such hard work from part of all the creators that have contributed to it, but I cannot tell you how happy we were with Kati when we had our special Deluxe copies in our  hands! Everyone that created one or more cards has received their copy in a very special box with a card made and chosen by us decorating the box.

So, it is already 'finished', but for me, it has been such a great accomplishment and it is an honor I could contribute to this with my own simple methods - I am not an artist, I just like painting on my own and I adore Tarot, so it was a good combination.

This deck is available for public already - although my contribution to it is humble, this whole co-operation was grandiose and Tarot is a tool that will never cease teaching us so much about ourselves and about the World. Maybe teaching is something similar to healing, and it is true that we heal by healing others, so maybe it is also true that we learn by teaching others. I can teach people about Tarot - and I do so -, and in the meanwhile, I am constantly learning new things.

And of course, I am going to show you 'my' cards - the ones that I have drawn and painted. We were allowed to freely express ourselves the way we wanted to. We were also asked to write a short description about the cards, I will show you them, as well (please scroll down for that). I hope you will like this little video, thank you for watching! :)

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Here you can find the brief descriptions I have given to each card:

IX. The Hermit: Tsar Nicholas II

Card Description: The Spirit of Tsar Nicholas II is returned to the Winter Palace – now calm and no longer in fear and pain, he is lamenting on the development of his native land, on how the revolution and the war itself changed people into stronger men and women after long-long journeys of pain, sorrow, poverty, losses – but also love and hope during probably the toughest and most difficult years of Russia. Nicholas is alone – with his beloved ones in his heart. His Tsar costume fits the elegance of the Winter Palace in the winter night lights. Despite the sadness and the tragedy of the Romanov family and Russian people from that era, the card suggest peace, love and hope.

Keywords: turning inwards, sorrow, isolation, faith, love, hope, inner strength, inner journey, development, seeking God

Four of Flags

Card Description: A young woman is just coming in from farm-work. Looking a bit melancholic, wondering if life will ever offer her better options – like the family whose samovar and elegant cups are visible on the table. She is safe and sound, knowing life can be very tough, but it depends on us if we accept the good things it offers besides all our daily struggles. What life offers her right now is not bad, but could be better, indeed. Sometimes we just need to recognize the importance of the first steps towards our dreams. Gloominess and the first steps are also parts of the bigger puzzle.

Keywords: gloominess, acceptance, the necessity of finding joy in everyday tasks, even in monotony; accept what life offers you right now; insecurity and sadness vs. optimism and joy

Five of Stars

Card Description: Two young children, a brother and a sister are sitting in the snow on a cold and dark winter evening, hugging and protecting each other. They are homeless orphans – having lost their parents and relatives in the war. In the background, warm light leaks out through the windows of the small church – will there be someone to help them? They must go through this cruel period – is it destiny or are they victims of a cruel power? Seemingly there is no help or a way out of it – but no one is predestined for misery and losses. Proper help must come in time.

Keywords: a hopeless situation, pain, sorrow, loss, poverty, misery; hope dies the last; everyone needs someone, life cannot exist without love; faith and the importance of prayer

Six of Stars

Card Description: Two small children are receiving toy-gifts and food aid – support from abroad. As a succession of the previous card, we can see that indeed, help arrives in time. God never gives up on us. There is sadness but also hope in the eyes of these children – they still believe in the Good, and they carry the Good in themselves. A caring hand is reaching out to them.

Keywords: giving without asking anything in return; caring, support, aid, charity; 'So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, … do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.' /Matthew 6/

Ten of Stars

Card Description: Finally progress and joy is seen on the faces of people – in this picture, we can see the result of hard work, faith, perseverance and stamina: the happy 'owner' of a well-off farm, a proud farmer and his young daughter are getting prepared for a harvest ceremony. The cat symbolizes more relaxing times while staying vigilant; the three little ducklings symbolize the Holy Trinity, as well as new life and hope being born even in colder times; the chrysanthemums symbolize power and rejuvenating energy – the legend says whoever drinks chrysanthemum wine will have a strong, healthy and abundant life.

Keywords: abundance, success, social life, happiness; the success of collective co-operation and of joyful creation; the fruits of your effort are ripening; you can lean back a bit and enjoy harvest time

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