Monday, May 1, 2017

TAROT Blog Hop - Beltane 2017

Beltane is here! :) I think by now, everyone has experienced the hectic nature of 2017, the Year of the Wheel with Number 10 in the Major Arcana – up and down for most people, yes. Probably for everyone. But I truly feel Miracles in the air – or it is better to say this way, they are always there, and it depends on us how much we notice of them. For me, the message of Beltane is to truly and innocently believe in Miracles.

For this Beltane TAROT Blog Hop occasion, our Wrangler, Arwen has chosen this topic: 'Do you combine Tarot with any other divination system? Why or why not?'

Simple but great question, and I am sure we will get very colorful answers. As for me, I use Tarot cards the most frequently. As I am also a collector, I use several decks – I do not use all the decks of my collection, but I learn from all of them. Any time I get a new deck, I explore its personal style, depth and vibes, but from time to time, I go back to my favorite ones.

I have a couple of favorite ones – just to mention a few, now the good old Rider-Waite deck, the Mystical Cats Tarot, the Halloween Tarot, the Rabbit Tarot, the Herbal Tarot and now the Green Witch Tarot, but my collection consists of around 100 decks right now.

But let me show you my other beloved companion – my pendulum. This is my very first pendulum – I found it in an Angelic way. It usually happens that crystals call out for me – showing themselves to me, telling me where to find them, and then I just go at the 'given' place, and they are there. This agate pendulum sent me such a message years back, as well. And indeed, it was there in the crystal store – the only one they had there those times.

I often use my pendulum on its own and combined with Tarot readings to reassure what I get from readings – and it has never deceived me, but I know we must be careful when using it. Also because we can manipulate it, also because we must not invade in the private sphere of others with our questions. And my latest experience is a bit scary even! There is really no time.

Years ago, a friend of mine asked something from my pendulum – about another friend. He felt deceived by this other friend, and we asked the pendulum if the seemingly translucent lie was really a lie or it was the truth. The pendulum said that person was lying – but some weeks later, the pendulum turned out to have been mistaken… I did not understand why.

Then years later, the very same question turned up about the same person – this time, this person was asked to submit a lie detector test, because of lies and lies. Again a similar story – probably with 'true' lies this time. I never got to know the ultimate truth, but on the one hand, I know we get to know everything we are allowed to know – but not when we want to get to know something, but when it is the right time to get to know the truth. And the psychology of getting over a 'deception' or a supposed deception is like this: for a healthy mind and soul, by the time something turns out, it is usually all the same. Even lies do not count. Interesting experience. But all in all, my pendulum reassures me in 95 cases out of 100. Thank you for reading! :)


  1. Oh I love Pendulums! They are indeed magical!

  2. Love your wise comment that getting over a deception is the real work, rather than discerning what the truth is :)

  3. how interesting, the same person again with the lies. But then, if you were even asking the question about them to start with, it is a sign of who they are :/

  4. Interesting story about the friend you were asking about. :D