Monday, March 20, 2017

TAROT Blog Hop: Spring Equinox 2017 - The Magic of Images

Another spring has just arrived. :) I myself have had a tiresome period in my work-life especially, and it has really been such a crazy long winter... So I feel a lot better now that daily sunshine is back! 

When I first saw the topic of this TAROT Blog Hop occasion, I was not sure I would be able to find what fits me the most. 'The Magic of Images' - a wonderful topic, though, offered to us by Joy Vernon, our Wrangler for this time, just it looked too deep and difficult at first glance - at least for me, it did. But I am happy for such a topic, after all, and I chose the easier way to carry it out - because I did not want to miss this occasion. I am happy to have the chance to co-operate with all of you in such a creative group. 

As ever, I have been guided and shown signs. After having decided what I will write about, but before starting it, I got a book from my friend. The book was on herbs, aroma oils, liqueurs and other natural things - with such a pretty old lady in the photos, wearing crystals and witch-like clothes, preparing lotions, teas and essences, having long gray hair and glasses with a black frame: I could literally picture myself in my old ages. Who knows how long we live, but if I am meant to live a long life, this is how I would like to live. 

Then this morning, Angels told me something about harming - about what harming is. They said everything was just a question of intentions. Possession, selfishness, 'wanting' something or someone to be ours, this is all something that comes out of the fear of losing the very same thing. This is when my tale I wrote yesterday really got its sense in my mind. 

For this TAROT Blog Hop occasion, I chose the topic of 'The Magic of Images' through stream of consciousness writing - thank you for this great topic, Joy! :)

I was wondering how to carry it out, then it was just evident - next time, it will be men's turn, I promise. I just randomly chose these wonderful pictures from the Green Witch Tarot, and the story came with them as I was sinking in the symbols, colors and vibes of each picture - the music came with it in my mind, too... - I think they fit each other:


  1. Your story is amazing!! Love love love it, and I am thinking deeply about my own unfinished tale! Thank you!

  2. Thank you for your kind words, Aisling! This Equinox has really woken up something in me - more tales are on their way always. :) Have a lovely spring and lots of fun, Aisling!