Wednesday, February 1, 2017

TAROT Blog Hop - Imbolc 2017

How Can I Best Foster the Energies of the Aces in My Life?

I am just happy again, not because time flies that fast, but because again, the Wheel of the Year has arrived at an important day in 2017 - so time flies really fast, yes. We are halfway between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox, and any time such an important turning point makes its energies feel more tangible, I feel more excited because inside, I always feel something great is happening in the Universe, and many of us experience great things and changes in our lives, as well. 

Spring is coming after such an extremely cold winter here at my place - and I must tell you it makes me happy that we have had a real winter after the extremely warm winters of the last few years. Now we really cannot complain! And now it is really time to celebrate the upcoming arrival of spring - I know we still have time, but I can already feel it.

The topic our Wrangler, Arwen has chosen for this Tarot Blog Hop occasion is close to my heart - because inside, I indeed feel the energies of the  Aces arise with the arrival of spring. I am longing for noticing the first snowdrops in the woods, and let us see what the bear says when it comes out of its cave - here the tradition is that if on Candlemas Day, 2 February the bear comes out of its cave, and he sees its own shadow - that means the Sun is shining -, our old bear will go back in the cave for another long sleep. If the weather is foggy and rainy on that day, the bear will wipe its eyes with its paws and geez, sleep is gone, let us go and grab some food!

Hm, and if candles burn smoothly on Candlemas Day, we will have lots of honey that year. If candles burn out, no honey. If the Suns comes out from behind the clouds and shines its rays on the vicar's face when serving a mess at the altar, even if for a moment it happens, then even the wolves will hurl because of the upcoming cold days. And if skylarks sing before that day, they will be silent for a long time afterwards. Tradition says if February is cold, we will have a very abundant harvest in summer. So let us see what happens, I am curiously waiting to see it! :)

But let us go back to the topic of the Aces and what they have to do with this Magic - it is Magic, indeed. Everything is Magic. I started to think about the Aces, and in myself, I have set up an order. Wands - Fire, I feel enough Fire in my life right now, enthusiasm and affection, sometimes I think I am even too much for myself; Coins - Earth, I am - still - quite grounded, thanks God, and I really feel blessed about my progress on the physical layer of life, and I feel healthy, too. Cups - Water, and I feel loved. I know everything is cyclical, but right now, these three Aces, Wands, Coins and Cups are quite okay in my life.

What is not that much okay, this is Air-element, so I decided to take a look at the Ace of Swords from my wonderful Herbal Tarot deck, because 'Aces are the beginning of the suits as seeds are the beginning of the plant' as Arwen said. And I should really do something to best foster the energy of the Ace of Swords in my life - what I am expecting from it, this is being less sleepy, more organized and more thoughtful, less restless and less reckless, even more careful. And it is always good to spread out our spiritual awareness and consciousness even more.

Herbal Tarot is special - and beautiful. To each card, a plant is matched. To the Ace of Swords, this wonderful healing plant, chamomile is attached. Even this card is so beautiful, not to mention how much I love the Swords-series in general! For me, it is always the Swords that give the biggest challenge!

Ace of Swords symbolizes the expansion of thoughts and enlightenment. It means there is a need to have clarity of mind and to affirm inner truths.

How I feel about it, I can relate it to myself and my current life-tasks, as well. Chamomile also has a soothing  effect, and sometimes I do feel that my mind is tired after long working hours a day, which I like, but it always demands mental and spiritual freshness.

Among the spiritual properties of chamomile, the most important ones are that chamomile bestows greater inner peace and finer clarity about one's inner spiritual purposes. Chamomile has the ability to enhance visions and to bring them into form on the Earth - I am already experiencing it, simply by focusing on the energy of the Ace of Swords and chamomile these days.

I do not really like its taste, but its aroma always makes me relaxed and feel love and inner peace. So possibly, for me, aromatherapy works better with chamomile than making a beverage of it. What is on my mind now is to prepare a lotion of shea butter and chamomile extract, and use it for face massage, but inhaling with chamomile is always good for me, as well. Any time I do so, I feel reborn mentally, also in my lungs. Or I will just find a place where they use chamomile in a steam cabine - that would be even better to feel and circulate the energies of chamomile in my mind, body and soul. Especially on these cold winter days. Lavender and spearmint are said to be the herbal allies of chamomile - if I think of their combination, it can be even better than chamomile alone. I will definitely try it this weekend!

Thank you for taking your time to read it, and I wish a Happy Imbolc to all of you! :)