Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tarot Blog Hop - Junkmail Tarot

I could hardly wait for my first post on Tarot Blog Hop! :)

XIV. The Temperance 

I have bumped into this brilliant Vader-photo earlier and it immediately came in my mind when I first read about the awesome idea of the Junkmail Tarot. I hope you also like this photo! :) When I first saw it, I could not stop laughing for long-long minutes, because this was the Temperance card from the Major Arcana that immediately came in my mind. 

But let us take a deeper look at it! Like the Dark Side, this is not a joke, either! I know that basically you are a good guy, Vader. And I am happy to see you like this - cleaning water, bringing elements of Love and Ether in harmony. 

And everyone has a shadow side - going round and round in the cycles of life, we must always meet our shadow side at times. As the card the Temperance is bumping into on its way is the Devil, who really represents the Dark Side - at least he gives us this illusion as long as we can be blinded -, this is not a bad thing that here Vader is the representative figure of the Temperance. :) 

Join the Dark Side, and you will no longer need to pay electricity bills! This sentence also made me laugh when I read it somewhere a few years ago. But let us agree that the Light Side is a better business. 

Vader is bringing the energies of Yin and Yang in harmony in this picture - so if he can do that, hopefully he will have more followers from the Dark Side joining the Light Side in the end. Let it be like this! :)

VII. The Chariot

The second card I have chosen is a Santa-version of the magical Chariot with number VII.

Santa is luckier, he has more than two deer, so his chariot can definitely rise higher, but he really needs to keep them under control!

Seven is so magical, a sacred number, and when the Chariot turns up in my Tarot readings, it really means it is time for magic - even if our restless inner horses are never easy to control. But if we can do that, positive results and reward - such as Santa's gifts - will soon be tangible!

I am also a bit envious of Santa, because he is always so fresh, how does he do that? And he is a lot older than me or that young guy in the Rider-Waite Chariot card! Santa knows something. :) Okay, he may probably sleep more than us in spring, summer and autumn. And yes, he is also the favorite of many - seems to be a constant winner in December! You also believe in Santa, right? :)

XV. The Devil

Let us go back to the Dark Side a bit... The drawing and the sentence that goes with it were originally found at two different places, but they match each other quite well.

For many, also for me, it has been a constant issue for many years by now how to live a calm and well-balanced life with the least pressure that drives us towards participating in the cycles and issues of this raw material world (I know the pressure will always be there and that we have to learn to handle it).

I myself have not had a TV since 2006, that is ten years by now, and I am happy about it - something by which life is definitely easier and lighter. It does not mean I never watch any programs, of course. I am personally convinced that it is in the media where the influences of the Devil are the most tangible and sensible on a daily level - of course, this is not just through the media that the Devil tempts us -, and I cannot but encourage everyone to switch the machine off. Internet is still there. :)

Right now, I feel less rebellious about myself, and this has been the key - accepting that there are some things we simply cannot change, but we must not associate ourselves with gloominess or frustration. As Angels always tell me, the physical world also requires our participation, and as long as we live in a body, we cannot escape from it. This is very true.

And I also know the Devil will only have a "job" here if people employ him. If once a day comes that no one will ask him for co-operation, that will really be the day of Light and Love. I am not sure this day will come, but I am hopeful about it.

Thank you for reading my post, be blessed, all of you! :)


  1. Temperance Vader! Love it! :D

  2. Very very fun! I really enjoyed the Devil card.

  3. These are very fun! The media as the Devil is right on!

  4. Hahahhaha Vader as Temperance!! Great post Bogi, well done! Yeah, the Media as Devil is spot on... :/

  5. Laughing out loud at Vader and the Devil!! You really have some great humour here! Thank you!

  6. As others have said, some extremely well-chosen cards. Love the Vader Temperance and your thoughts about balancing our Dark Side. And I also really appreciate the idea that if we can harness our inner magic we reap Santa's gifts ;)