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TAROT Blog Hop: Mabon 2017 - Sacred Cooking & Mabon Beauty Products

:) Hello Lovely Everyone!

I am so happy to be among you - Tarot Nerds like me, something that always makes me feel good in this upside down world. Also when I can love - best things ever - when we can love, and when we are surrounded by wonderful Tarot cards and we can learn so much from them! 

Mabon, I think, is my favorite time of the year, though I also adore spring and summer, too. Winter - not that much. For me, Midsummer and Mabon always channel special vibes - so I was very happy to be the Wrangler of this Tarot Blog Hop. And I would like to thank Jay Cassels for helping me when I was stuck! :)

The topic I chose was Sacred Cooking and Tarot, or Mabon Beauty Products and Tarot: simply because day by day, I explore the importance of tastes, colors, numbers of things we eat, the importance of spices - as well as the color of spices -, and just something personal, I have a severe autoimmune disease with some of my closest family members, and we can barely eat anything 'ready'-made.

So for me, cooking is a central daily issue - and it is not always easy to find out what to prepare, but whatever I create, I always-always pay attention on preparing dishes in a calm mood, on consecrating and cleaning the ingredients before putting them on the stove, especially when I prepare something that contains meat. 

This is not my task to blame food and beauty industry, but we are kind of 'poisoned' with all the chemicals, preservatives and artificial stuff that are added to foods and beauty products, as well - as for beauty products, I am not that thorough when choosing them, to be honest. Maybe one day...  

So why Mabon for this topic - because we celebrate harvest time and it is connected to feasts and to lovely meals, of course. And because it is great to share recipes - and I wonder what Tarot figures would cook at your place. :) And why would they prepare such dishes. So I hope you love the topic - and I am curiously waiting for your lovely articles! Thank you for joining me, as well! 

Well, I myself like cooking a lot - and one day I would like to have a modern rustic kitchen in a timber house. I would be so happy if I could make it real in this life of mine. Till then, I am cooking on the fourth floor under the roof, which I also like. 

When I was thinking about what to write in this Blog Hop-post, the Lovers turned up in my mind from my James Bond 007 deck (Tarot of the Witches). I was wondering why and what the heck they could cook, then I thought okay, maybe not at this moment, but they would surely enjoy something yummy together. Then I thought of something that raises lust - and then I thought okay, maybe they want a baby so they should cook something that helps fertility. It was just later on that I started to think about the flower - because of another flower.

My first idea was that they should prepare a dessert - then indeed, I prepared it, but in my case, that dessert was something I prepared to my son and myself, for Mabon, and first I will share this recipe with you, then I will tell you something else, as well. 

This recipe is perfect for a light supper, healthy and easy for the stomach - and while preparing, you can just take your time to tune on what Angels have to tell you - at least I like to listen to them while working in the kitchen. 

This is my own recipe - and when cooking something for my son, I consider myself to be a caring Empress. And this is the beautiful Empress-depiction of the Anna K Tarot. Numbers in this recipe are meaningful. Apples are sacred as we know - and not just healthy, but they really support productivity; grapes carry and strengthen the vibes of abundance; cinnamon helps the detoxification of the body; milk is the symbol - and energy - of flowing, endless, nurturing love; cane sweetens it - and life must also be sweetened. 

What you need for this recipe is:
- 3 healthy and juicy apples (three because it is the sacred number of Creation)
- 3 dl - a bigger mug - of flour (I use rice and corn flour combined 50-50%)
- vanilla custard - you can find homemade recipes on the Internet, as for me, I prefer vanilla custard powder free of any artificial stuff and I just follow the instructions given on the sack
- grapes for decoration and also to serve the cake with grapes when ready (it is even yummier with grapes)
- cooking oil 

For the pastry:
- 3 eggs
- 3 dl milk
- 3 tablespoons of cane 
- a pinch of salt for better grounding
- cinnamon

And here you can find the way to prepare it:

Now back to our Lovers-couple in the James Bond 007 deck, it happened that I participated in a Tarot-painting challenge - the Russian Tarot 1917, which is about to be published and will be available from November 2017 on - limited edition, so order your copy soon! :) Kati or me can give you the link - we both participated in this project. 

I am a total - but enthusiastic - amateur, and delving in Tarot-painting was like a short Inner Camino for me. The last card I chose, designed and painted with was the 10 of Coins - in this deck will be called 10 of Stars. My subconscious was working... All I knew was that I wanted to depict something sweet and wealthy - so this is how I choose putting a father and a daughter in this card, going on a harvest feast, taking some pears and a pumpkin there. Again, the three little ducklings represent the Holy Number of Creation, the cat symbolizes rest but alertness, birches are so much Russian that they had to be there, and for some reasons, I painted chrysanthemums in the picture, as well - okay, not that visible that they are chrysanthemums, but they are. 

Then not much later did I find an article on the Internet about chrysanthemums - did you know that in Ancient China, they already prepared and drank chrysanthemum wine? According to the legend, in Ancient China, girls and boys started off to find a legendary flower that would make them immortal. Instead or maybe it was what they were looking for, they found chrysanthemum. Since then, people make wine of chrysanthemum in China - also tea of the flower-petals. They drink it to gain health, protection and rejuvenation. They say chrysanthemums have cleansing and healing effects. So then I knew I would ask the Lovers-couple to prepare homemade chrysanthemum wine - because it will keep them young and healthy. In Japan, they say chrysanthemum keeps the Devil away, and the Japanese put chrysanthemum-petals in salads. I myself vote for the wine and the tea. Maybe this could also be a great beauty product, chrysanthemum wine, all in all. :) 

Thank you for taking your time to read me, and I wish all of you a wonderful and magical Mabon Time!

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