Monday, August 15, 2016

Tarot for Madeleine - How Did Madeleine McCann Disappear?

Hopefully this is my last blog post about Madeleine. Let me explain it a bit more. I have done so many Tarot readings about this little girl - and I simply did not want to believe what Tarot had always shown me. 

Also, I am still shocked by Madeleine's story. I know there are so many people all around the world who would like to find answers to her disappearance, and who - even though we have never met Madeleine in person - want to find justice for this little girl because we all feel and know inside that this is not just a sad tragedy but something very cruel that happened to her.

I also know that many psychics have said so many things... Many can 'see' and sense Madeleine alive up to these days. Not me. I have asked some really reliable colleagues about Madeleine, as well, without telling them anything about how I sense Madeleine to be - all the psychics and Tarot readers I have asked so far have said something very similar. None of them think Madeleine is alive. 

And now let me share my insights with you - in the hope that I can finally find peace about this sad story. I must tell you that I have not had a day for the last almost six years that Madeleine has not come in my mind. For such a long time, I was scared to bravely post how I see her disappearance. I have removed older blog posts because I have been warned to. Now I no longer mind who thinks and says what.

My aim is not to get lost in suppositions and libels. I just want to write it out of myself - who knows who reads this post, and who knows by what we help Higher Forces to set in motion, and hopefully one day the true story of Madeleine McCann will be cleared up, silence will be broken and this little girl can get her final justice. 

Again - for the last time - I have pulled Tarot cards for Madeleine, this time from the brilliant Jodorowsky Tarot de Marseille. I do not want to talk too much about it, just to focus on the point. My very simple question was if we could know more about how Madeleine went missing. 

The first card we get is the Lovers - meaning a choice first of all, but it can also stand for a man and a woman acting together -, the second card - preceding the first one - is Queen of Cups - in most cases, this card stands for a mother figure - and the third card, following the Lovers is Queen of Coins - standing for a female person again, or for finances, in that case, for a really lot of money. 

Additional cards are 10 of Cups, 3 of Swords and 4 of Cups - the first speaking about a family, the second about heartache, pain and even more brutal things, and the last one about rejection and not wanting something (or someone).

Why Queen of Cups is always there any time I do a reading about Madeleine, well, I personally do not think she was killed by her mother... But her mother, Kate McCann - as I see her and her role in this story - thinks she was the one that accidentally killed Madeleine. Someone needed a prey... And as Kate McCann had a habit of giving some light sedatives to her children so that they could sleep better, I would not be surprised if in the end - should she admit what really happened to Madeleine - it would turn out that she thought she had accidentally overdosed her. Which I do not think is true. I do not think Kate McCann overdosed Madeleine - but I do think she gave her something to sedate her. Also that someone else used - could/would have used - this against Kate. 

Someone else - and let me not mention names here - wanted Kate to think she accidentally killed Madeleine. Then everything was arranged to make it look like a kidnap - but it was not a kidnap. No one abducted Madeleine. According to my insights, this little girl died, and her death was not accidental. Someone else wanted to seem innocent, and Kate McCann in the meanwhile was made to think she had killed Madeleine. 

What was the motivation behind it? According to my insights - and also how Queen of Coins marks it -, it was money first of all. Someone wanted to make money out of Madeleine's disappearance. Someone wanted to get Madeleine vanished from her family so as to make money. To that person, it was something 'lucky' to make Kate McCann think she did it. That person also knew Kate would be willing to co-operate in the stream of lies, because of her two other children and because - understandably - she wanted to avoid being sentenced for long years in prison.

According to my insights, the Tapas Friends know Madeleine is dead. I do not think they know what really happened - what they know is a false thing, a false story, and they have also been mislead, but they wanted to cover their friends, the McCanns, and they all know Madeleine is no longer among us. 

The reason why the McCanns have never been physically seeking Madeleine, but instead, they were mostly staying indoors for long hours and days after their daughter's disappearance, the reason for it is that they knew it had no sense to look for Madeleine out there - because they knew she would not be found. This is why. A parent's normal reaction when their child goes missing is shock, panic and a frantic and never-ending search up and down in the streets, no matter if it is light or dark, cold or warm. Not staying indoors... Not being caught laughing in video records... Not celebrating their child's birthday smiling, sending balloons in the sky just eight (!) days after her disappearance... Not to mention other discrepancies, very tough ones.

I personally do not think Madeleine's body will ever be found - I do not think there is a body. There is no longer a body. But I do hope one day Kate McCann will speak up. I do think her subconscious wants to speak up. If it may happen one day, I am curious, as well as many. Let us hope she will.

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  1. Hoorah an actual honest reading, not pandering to the fairy story. I think the McCann litigation days are over since loosing the case against the Portuguese police officer & having to pay cost that will wipe the fund, thzts the offical book not the one where money has been squirreled away.
    The Portuguese cop thinks Maddie was cremated with another old women,they dont happen much in Portugal,I do also think this possible but another possibility is a hospital incinerator.