Monday, August 1, 2016

Tarot Blog Hop - A Union of Opposites: Two Faces of a Tarot Card

The High Priestess - Man or Woman?

I am so happy that the next Tarot Blog Hop occasion has arrived - the second time for me, this time having more routine about technical issues, as well. :) It is a pleasure to be in this community and thank you for this, everyone!

This time the Wrangler is Aisling, and the topic is either one card presenting two very different things or energies, or two very opposing cards standing for the same situation in a reading.

A couple of weeks ago, a girl asked me something in private consultation, namely if we could check the gender identity of her boyfriend. I was a bit surprised, but of course, I told her we could ask Tarot to show us an answer, and she definitely had a reason to ask about it. Her boyfriend was very reluctant about intimacy, and she did not know why - I have not talked to her since then, so I do not know if she knows something more about it, anyway, I asked Tarot this weird question and to show us the real gender of this girl's boyfriend if possible. 

Surprisingly, the card I pulled for this question was the High Priestess. I know it also means secrets, mysteries, occult things, the dark side of things (though we also have a white pillar in the card, not just a black one), the different 'faces' of the Moon (women), and that we should not tap into something, but if it stands for the gender of a person, for me, so far it has always meant a woman. 

What I said to this girl was something like okay, the High Priestess - on the one hand - can mean we should not ask about it, or that no answers are given right now, so maybe something will turn out later on, but it usually stands for a woman when we talk about gender. Or at least a 'feminine' soul, even if she happens to live in a male body, who knows, and without doubt the High Priestess means hidden and mysterious things, as well. So I told her to wait, and she must be given signs in a while that will make it clear for her, but seeing the High Priestess turning up for this question, I could not say in a fully convinced way that her boyfriend is a man in a male body, but that there is something obscure about it.

One or two days after this reading, I saw a film about transgender children - I must tell you they made me amazed! Here in my country (I live in Hungary) this is not a well-known topic yet, as usual, we need a couple of more years till a 'wave' arrives here, as it is usually like this in everything, so the recognition and treatment of transgender children is still not evident and spoken about here (I do hope one day it will be, and not in a negative way, but accepting them for who they are).

So I was so curious about the phenomenon itself - as I myself do not think they are mentally ill, so I would not even call it a 'disorder' as it is officially called, though as a parent, if I were involved in such a story, I honestly do not know what I would do. I would possibly be as shocked at first as all parents involved are. Yet when I was watching those children in the film, I had no doubt that the biologically-born boys who said they were girls were really girls, and the same is true for biologically-born girls to be boys if this is how they feel. I just have no idea where the whole thing generates from, and I do not think we, humans will ever know it as long as we live in our flesh-cuffs. Anyways, all my respect to these parents and extremely brave children - at such a shockingly young age, they dare to be different! They dare to be themselves. 

Of course, as I was curious, I asked Tarot about what we can know about this phenomenon, transgender children. Who are they? I used my Cosmic Tarot for this question - a deck I very rarely use but my Guides told me to use it for this question. 

And guess which card I got? Yes, the High Priestess. Again, it could be interpreted like 'No answers', but at that moment I could already understand why my Guides asked me to use the Cosmic Tarot for that reading. And if you take a look at the High Priestess of the Cosmic Tarot, you will also see why. 

The black and the white pillars that we all know from the High Priestess' card, the pillars of Jachin and Boaz also tell us that here we have very opposing energies, light and dark, masculine and feminine, known and unknown, but here the Yin-Yang made it so evident for me that we should not even make a distinction. Male or female - yes, it is important if we are in a relationship, but it is always an issue of two people. 

But for transgender children, it was the Yin-Yang that caught my eyes immediately. More exactly, the harmony of the Yin-Yang. Harmony may mean being androgynous, as well, but why could not it mean being female in a male body or male in a female body? The point is to find harmony in ourselves, with ourselves. Many of these children say 'I am a girl with a boy's brain' or 'I am a boy with a girl's brain', and no one should judge them if this is how they feel. There is a reason why they feel it, and the High Priestess tells me what they feel is real. 

So who knows, maybe my client also hit the nail on the head when she asked about his boyfriend's gender identity - I am curious of what comes next. :)

Thank you for reading it, feel free to share your thoughts in the Comment Section below!  


  1. What a fascinating question to get and what a great response you gave. The whole story outlines a beautiful progression of understanding. I love the ultimate Cosmic answer you received! :-)

  2. My wife is transgender, and I LOVE this intepretation of my topic. So many thanks to you!!!

  3. LOVE this! Another great way to look at the High Priestess -- thank you!!

  4. Beautiful. I have many many many trans friends. this really spoke to me on a heart level. well done!

  5. Such an interesting exploration - thank you :) x

  6. Fascinating - and another insight into the High Priestess! Thanks for sharing this.

  7. Thank you so much for your kind remarks, I am happy you liked it! :) Blessed be.

  8. Fascinating, indeed. And a very balanced (!) and insightful interpretation with the transgender issue you were exploring. I am constantly amazed at how the Tarot comes up with things like this same card twice. No such thing as coincidence in my world. :)